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By the time we got off the train and I went to ask for her number, we had connected enough that she said “Sure! Then I spied a guy eating a croissant and decided to ask if I could have some. He kind of looked at me funny and pointed at the coffeeshop where he got it, but I insisted that I wanted a piece of HIS croissant. Full-Time student Sarah Press knew there had to be a better way to leverage the social habits of her tech-savvy peers and improve the experience of online dating.

Other people complain that it is based on superficial factors like one’s photo and physical attributes.

So what we can say is that based on this experiment, Tinder results are heavily race-influenced (to a statistically significant degree). If both users “like” each other, a match is made and you can then message the person.

We already know that minorities receive less replies via OKCupid’s analysis and probably the rest of the online dating world. *Note, some people in the comments have noted that its just preference and not racism. But the data may surprise you as far as how much race influences really are vs. Luckily for us, I’m Asian and super smart so I devised a super cool way to test Tinder’s racism HAHA For those of you that don’t know, Tinder is a fast growing app that allows users to “like” or “reject” a profile based on that person’s picture.

Catch22Dating courts singles who attended top-tier colleges. OK Cupid Labs functions as the research and development arm of the popular dating site, OK Cupid.

Today I am, because I make the rules and I can change them if I want to. Uh, because I went speed dating this week, and chances are, you're probably curious about what that is/whether it was fun and if you should try it, and I've got your back. (Note: I've taken measures to protect the some of the innocent, stupid, and/or ridiculous people I met last night.I thought about how I even though I can tolerate a lot of physical pain and academic and career failure, I really don’t like being rejected. I dashed off emails of my rejection attempts each day to a couple friends to keep me on track. Hope you find them interesting and they inspire you to give this a shot. Most people were happy to take a shirt, but I approached a few people who had absolutely no interest in a free shirt. I didn’t really want to call, but my coworkers said I had to. MONDAY OCT-18 Was going to ask a girl on the train for her number, but there were a bunch of other people there and I didn’t want to make her feel awkward (aka I was being a wuss). Then at lunch I complimented a woman on her sunglasses and asked if we could swap. ” Apparently they had run into another Asian guy named Jason at this bar. I didn’t know who she or any of the five guys she was talking to were.

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