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Is Google's Blogger porn ban ill-considered Google's decision to force blogs hosting adult content into becoming invitation-only services is a deliberate and ill-considered sabotage on free speech and connectivity Wired's perfect cover for its sex in the digital age issue The stories inside live up to the cover, covering everything from virtual reality porn to the demise of Red Book, a website specifically for sex workers. You're probably not familiar with the term "demisexual" or "gray-asexual" but they're part of a series of terms that describe people that exist on a fluid spectrum of asexuality.Meet the family behind London's last porn cinema He's a porn connoisseur.Plus addiction and depression is just swimming in my cum And we are weak and dumb Fucking like bunnies; Breeding like rats We're shitting out the babies and I'm telling you that that's Mad against the better judgment in our human history Take some time to think it over; It's not difficult to see We're mostly runts and too high strung In nature, mother eats the young Who are we to breed?; Put away your seed We can't evolve an iron-lung [Chorus] Too many people on the way World's growing smaller every day As quantity grows, life quality goes Our lives are sick and in decay This song addresses the concepts of overpopulation and zero population growth.An anarchist defense of pornography Pornography continues to be a controversial issue, including among anarchists, whom one might expect to be among the strongest supporters of free sexual expression.10 sex toys that support the feminist agenda While there are plenty of options on the market, here, we rounded up 10 of the most innovative, impressive creations (many designed by women for women) which allow a woman to take her sexuality into her own hand X-Rated films that are actually legit science fiction Most of the time, when porn goes scifi, it ventures into "spoof" territory. Here are some X-rated films that have actual merit as science fiction.

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Founded by the self-named “John Africa”, MOVE has an aggressively anti-capitalist, anti-technology, and anti-government agenda which led first to conflicts with their neighbors and then with the Philadelphia police.From all the way in the back of the food stamp line And straight outta motherfucking rehab! , “Clear Channel (Fuck Off)” is a discussion of the politics of radio deregulation in the United States, specifically as pertains to Clear Channel Communications (now i Heart Media), a massive radio conglomerate.