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takes on UFC superstar Conor Mc Gregor in one of the most anticipated bouts in a long, long time. There's no doubt that, those of you with Apple i Phone's, have experienced a moment or so when the darn thing just doesn't want to work the way it's supposed to, seemingly going at a snail's pace... First you notice that while they’ve met your mum, brother, and been on a night out with your best mates from uni, you’ve yet to meet a single person in their life. You’ve never been to any kind of gathering with anyone from their social circle.In 2004, two new weekly titles, Nuts and its rival Zoo, were launched within weeks of each other leaving more established lads' mags reeling - but they often encountered controversy for their portrayal of women.Nuts is set to close down, 10 years after a debut that sent more established mens' magazines like FHM and Loaded reeling.

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"The question of whether they [lads’ mags] are pornography or not is far from undisputed and would likely be a point of contention if a case were to be brought," says Dr Jude Roberts, a researcher in gender and sexuality and a lecturer Birkbeck College.

Come to think of it, while they’ve showed up on your Instagram feed and you tag them on Twitter, they’re yet to share any indication that you’re hanging out together.

They’ll ‘gram a picture of the delicious meal you brought them to try, but you’ll be mysteriously absent from the table.

Closing: Two famous covers of FHM featuring Gail Porter (left) - an issue that was the magazine's best-selling cover ever, with sales of more than one million - and Britney Spears (right) in consecutive months in 1999Also going: Zoo arrived in 2004 in the newly-created weekly men’s magazine market and featured topics such as women to sport and music to technology.

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Two covers from the year of its launch are pictured above The two magazines are said to now have a combined digital audience of more than five million, although FHM had a print circulation of 67,000 for the first six months of the year while Zoo’s was just 24,000, reported The Guardian.

In one study, researchers analysed changes in the diet and lifestyle habits of 120,877 people every four years for two decades.

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