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Wall Reports the Work of Printing Minutes from 1790- 1819 Completed--Dr.

| The work was In Ml not o:'.i : he club hurt nn Invaluable i* fit to the in vat - and the minutes of N't-w Brunswick in lis infancy could not lire.

And i will watch u break down , hold u in my arms and protect u but never think for once that u r weak .. I will even go with u to strip clubs and hoot with u and watch u laugh and laugh with u .. And as we walk down the lanes of old age together , i will recite Keats under my breath as u shake the snow of your boots .. jodi abar Bengal e phiri , ichhe roilo ei notun chena dushtu mishti college e dhuke bondhuder shathe boshe nirbhejal adda deyar - JU , u simply surprise me everytime ..... I do not like to think ill of my husband, and was forced, as the only alternative, to conclude that he had met with some accident, perhaps had died. But I haven't told you yet how I came here. AC canteen e bose a6i amra 3 bondhu , Chokhe porlo ekta meye gale hat diye bose a6e eka eka . i have heard from my senior that at times u indulge into political affairs of college too much but i know u r good at heart .

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Den ami dorja khule dhuke jai dekhi uni suye ache, ami ask korlam ki hoye che uni bollo matha batha den ami onake bollam matha tipe di uni bollo na thak lagbe na, den ami joor korle uni raji hoye jai and, matha tipe di onar sei somay uni nity pore chilo, ami matha tipte tipte onar patla nity opor theke mai dekhte thaki and onar ghare golay hat bolate thaki.

Uni chokh bondho kore moja nite thake r aste aste uni gorom hote thake amar dhon o khara hoye jay, ami amar mukh onar mukh er kache ane matha tipte thaki, amar gorom niswas onar mukhe lage uni o gorom hoye jay, ami aste kore amar mukh onar golay ane chat te thaki uni o amay joriye dhore.

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I have not felt certain that this was not so till you told me this evening that you know him.""So Tim sent them fellers after me? "I guess I'll have to change my office, or maybe Tim himself will be droppin' down on me some mornin'. Amake akjn bollo meyetar sathe 2 min kotha bolte parle 5 ta goldflake , amar chokh gulo jol jol kore utlo .

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